Steve Sabella on France 24 News – Interview with Liana Saleh



September 12, 2017
Featuring The Patrons Call



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13.01 mins

Artist Steve Sabella On The Liberation of The Self 


The Electronic Intifada


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3:44 m

June 2017

Liberation of the Imagination Through the Liberation of the Self

France 24 News – Introduction by Liana Saleh



September 12, 2017
Featuring The Patrons Call



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Occupation is Like Rape – It Cannot be Justified

Deutsche Welle – Guest & Story



November 23, 2015
Interview by Samah Altaweel



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Arabic with English subtitles

In The Darkroom With Steve Sabella



October, 2014

Directed & Produced by
Nadia Johanne Kabalan



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15.50 mins



The interview-based short film explores the creation process of recent works by the Jerusalem-born artist Steve Sabella. Having witnessed the construction of the Separation Wall in Palestine, Steve shares his views on the entanglements between art and politics that influence his work, which is characterised by fluidity, ongoing renewal and conversion. While the series Metamorphosis (2012) reveals the artist’s transformation after an internal and external conflict rooted in his experience of occupation, 38 Days of Re-collection (2013-2014) documents the excavation of a forgotten and re-imagined history of Jerusalem. By exploring a fragmented material history and reality, Steve seeks a visual language of his own that transcends restrictions and challenges borders.
The film accompanies the artist in the darkroom, the space that brings images and imagination to life.


“When you are in the darkroom, you don’t speak with anyone. The only thing you speak with is … art.”



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Past Screenings


Boston Palestine Film Festival, Boston, USA – October 24, 2015


The Eltiqa Group for Contemporary Art Gaza, Palestine, in collaboration with Windows on Gaza for Contemporary Art – April 11, 2015


The Arab Culture Association Haifa, Palestine – April 9, 2015


The French-German Cultural Center Ramallah, Palestine, in collaboration with the A.M. Qattan Foundation – April 8, 2015


Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts & Culture Bethlehem, Palestine – April 7, 2015 (view photos)


The Institut Français Jérusalem, Jerusalem, Palestine, in collaboration with The Educational Bookshop and Palestinian Art Court-Al Hoash – April 4, 2015


Berlin Independent Film Festival, Berlin, Germany – February 10, 2015 (view poster)


Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival Doha, Qatar, Oct 23 – 26, 2014


Independence at Meem Gallery, Dubai, UAE – daily from October 28 – December 6, 2014


Archaeology of the Future at The International Center of Photography Scavi Scaligeri, Verona, Italy – daily from October 8 – November 16, 2014


The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK – October 16, 2014

The Eelectronic Intifada – Steve Sabella on the Liberation of the Self



June 23, 2017
By Linda Paganelli
Featuring the exhibition Fragments from our Beautiful Future



view on Electronic Intifada
visit Linda Paganelli’s website
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3.44 mins

Fragments from our Beautiful Future Exhibtion Video


13 August, 2017
As part of the Fragments from our Beautiful Future exhibition
At The Bumiller Collection, Berlin, Germany
Conceived by A. S. Bruckstein House of Taswir


see the book by Kerber Verlag 

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4.21 mins

Fragments from our Beautiful Future – Exhibition teaser


May 19, 2017
By Manu Bruckstein
As part of the Fragments from our Beautiful Future exhibition
At The Bumiller Collection, Berlin, Germany
Conceived by A. S. Bruckstein House of Taswir


see the book by Kerber Verlag 

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2.03 mins

Archaeology of the Future – Exhibition teaser



October 8, 2014
By Box Art Gallery
As part of the Archaeology of the Future solo exhibition
At Centro Internazionale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri Verona in collaboration with Berloni Gallery, London and Box Art, Verona
Curated by Karin Adrian Von Roques


download Archaeology of the Future catalogue

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2.39 mins




October 18, 2016
At the Institute of Cultural Inquiry, Berlin



Including reading, discussion with Alya Sebti, director of ifa-Galerie Berlin, moderated by Dr. Almút Sh. Bruckstein, founder of Taswir Projects, Q&A and signing, in cooperation between ICI Berlin, Steve Sabella, ifa-Galerie and Taswir Projects


Learn more about The Parachute Paradox

ICI’s feature 

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1:29.21 mins




November 21, 2016
At the University of London, SOAS



Including a reading, discussion with Dr. Siba Aldabbagh and Professor Wen-Chin Ouyang, Q&A and signing, sponsored by the Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS), the Department of the Languages and Cultures of Near and Middle East (NME), and the Centre for Palestine Studies (CPS)


SOAS’ feature

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1:10.14 mins

TedX – Dare to Question My Name or
Where I Come From



September, 2012



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23.09 mins


Berlin Wall: Commemoration and Caution



November 2014
Host: Martine Dennis
Interview with Irwin Collier, Karin Lukas & Steve Sabella



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short version 8.46 mins
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Steve Sabella for FotoFest 2014



February 2014
Part of the 2014 FotoFest Biennial



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3.22 mins


Sketches of Sabella



November 2014
Edited by Davide Papetti
for the International Center of Photography
Scavi Scaligeri



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3.36 mins


Arts InSIght – Who Is Steve Sabella?



October 2014
Directed by Ernie Manouse
as part of the 2014 FotoFest Biennial
Featured on PBS’ Artworks



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3.53 mins


Kan Yama Kan


July 2007


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View featured artwork ‘Kan Yama Kan’ (to link)

Jerusalem in Exile


July 2007


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TV Documentary



In Jerusalem 

Arabic with Hebrew subtitles


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TV Documentary




View featured artwork ‘Search’