Every time everland will be on display, the squares will be put in a different constellation, including their orientation to any side. This way, everland will always have endless possibilities, creating a new visual, forever changing. And how you put the earth-pieces together, I leave it to our collective imagination.


As a child, the universe granted me the space to observe in detail the delicate process of vivid Icon painting. And in my journeys on the roads of Palestine, I took images of Palestinian embroidery, stitched by old hands touched by magic. Inspired by a co-action creative group to make the world a better place, at one moment, I felt bliss while staring at the sun with my eyes closed—A New State of Freedom—I believed that as long as there is one person left who imagines a better world, life has a chance. There is more than one person! There are many, all waiting for their ideas and dreams to be weaved together by cosmic light. The seeds are all out there looking for the right ground to flourish. And they can with the blink of an eye. Until then, the ground you are looking for is right there under you.


This work is to celebrate all the beauty that comes out of Palestine. To be born in Jerusalem or anywhere else, always means you are becoming a citizen of planet Earth. We are all from everywhere and nowhere. Poetically, we are all from elsewhere. And that nowhere is the everland we are all searching for. Getting there is an extraordinary journey of endless discovery.


I dedicate everland to the spirit of Kamal Boullata, who recently left us, with two books, treasures, whose titles alone reveal the greatest symphony of life:



There Where You Are Not



Uninterrupted Fugue



And here it can only be,

Light & Love










collector edition 6/6 + 2AP – 50/50 cm / square

museum edition 6/6 + 2AP – 80/80 cm / square