The nine squares of Everland is a photo collage of Palestinian embroidery decorations sewn and woven on a wide variety of traditional costumes. This disappearing tradition is passed from generation to generation by women who sew patterns and motifs to reveal their heritage, ancestry, and place of origin. The embroidery is derived from geometric forms. 

Everland celebrates all the charm that comes out of Palestine, a place where everything gets disrupted. Yet, the collage-style enables the different cross stitches, among other techniques, to penetrate deep into new borders, creating unique designs that look as if they represent every other culture. 


Every time everland will be on display, the squares will be put in a different constellation, including their orientation to any side. This way, everland will always have endless possibilities, creating a new visual, forever changing. 


I dedicate everland to the spirit of Kamal Boullata, who recently left us, with two books, treasures, whose titles alone reveal the greatest symphony of life:



There Where You Are Not


Uninterrupted Fugue

a collector edition of 6/6 + 2AP – 50/50 cm 

a museum edition of 6/6 + 2AP – 80/80 cm


edition 1/6 is in the collection of the

Arab World Institute museum in Paris.