The Sound of Jerusalem. The way I see it, the frequencies, and the vibrations transmit waves that we all can relate to and feel. They are endless. 


When I create enough notations, and these are already over 20 meters long, I will work with sound artists and music composers to create a new project, The Sound of Jerusalem – A Symphony for Palestine. In the exhibition hall, the works can be hung in any constellation, in any direction, giving freedom to re-compose every time the waves are spread on a wall. Like this, the art is always recreated, changing. And while people look and listen to the emerging pulses, they can only imagine and compose their own story. Their own symphony. 


And as for the Old City, its charm and Light will always be a mystery. 



Listen here to The Sound of Manama in Bahrain. 



The Sound of Jerusalem is available in a museum & collector edition of 6 + 2APS. 


Sizes of the collector’s edition respectively:

The Sound of Jerusalem I            60 / 257 cm

The Sound of Jerusalem II           60 / 277 cm

The Sound of Jerusalem III          60 / 191 cm

The Sound of Jerusalem IV          60 / 196 cm

The Sound of Jerusalem V           60 / 316 cm

The Sound of Jerusalem VI          60 / 136 cm

The Sound of Jerusalem VII         60 / 173 cm