Da Bosch alla Bibbia. Steve Sabella a Torino


By Federica Maria Giallombardo (Italian)

May 2018


Between the dark room and the innovative triumph of digital, the great pictorial tradition also finds its breath: ” If you look at the details of my works “, says the artist, ” you can see fragments of figurative compositions and literary traditions, like a certain creatural naturalism taken from Bosch and the Bible (in particular from Genesis). Some subjects remember Adam and Eve; others are waiting and hope for a sort of revenge or reflect on an enigma “. (translation)


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Fo.To: two meetings with Steve Sabella


Il Torinese (Italian)

June 4, 2018


“..for fans of great photography at a high level of avant-garde, as part of “Fo.To -Fotografi a Torino”, with the award-winning international artist Steve Sabella. …Sabella is known for his daring and dynamic experiments in the darkroom and digital composition, as well as for his decisive reactions to political conflicts in recent decades.” (translation)


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Steve Sabella: Wavelengths. The artist from Jerusalem returns to exhibit at Metroquadro


XIBT Contemporary Art Mag (Italian) 

June 5, 2018


Their depth and pictorial perspective follows the logic of a dream, bringing different temporal references. Like floating worlds between painting and photography, their visual language is both historical and contemporary – a multicolored plastic raft floats with Nymphs in a paradisiacal landscape; a solitary traveler seems to wander on Mars or ancient Sparta. These collages reproduce our world in a familiar and alien way, containing many levels and innumerable connotations. Sabella leaves the viewer to travel through their still unseen landscapes. (translation)


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Steve Sabella, immagini e immaginazione


Il Torinese (Italian)
By Gianni Milani

June 16,  2018


“..We present the photographic works of Steve Sabella , one of the greatest exponents of international avant-garde photography and that, until June 28th, we find again in Turin, guest of the “metrosquare ” Gallery” By Marco Sassone.” (translation)


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Sabella’s Photos are Author’s Views in which War Becomes Painting


La Republica (Italian)

June 6, 2018


Sabella’s photos are author’s views in which war becomes painting Steve Sabella’s work is not just photographic. First of all it is a look at the world and it is a proposal for the recomposition of disharmony. (translation)


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Steve Sabella – Unlocking Visual Codes – Decifrando codici visivi


Museo Ettore Fico
June 7, 2018


The Berlin-based artist, born in Jerusalem, Palestine, is the subject of the documentary ‘In the Darkroom with Steve Sabella’. The internationally screened film will be presented, followed by the artist’s talk ‘Unlocking Visual Codes’, which takes one on a journey through image and imagination. Sabella is notorious for challenging the photographic medium from its core. In 2014, he had first retrospective exhibition at Centro Internaziolale di Fotografia Scavi Scaligeri titled ‘Archaeology of the Future’.



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Juliet Art Magazine

Steve Sabella

Juliet Art Magazine (Italian)

Edition 188

June 2018


Metroquadro presents, in the interior of the Fo.To project, the solo exhibition of the internationally renowned artist Steve Sabella born in Jerusalem and residing in Berlin since 2010. Sabella returns to Meteroquadro with “Wavelengths”, a collage of photos collage that includes a new series, On Earth. Since the mid 1990s, Sabella has pushed the photographic medium to its limits. His experimentation in darkroom processes and digital composition, along with his bold responses to pressing political conflicts of the last decades, has garnered him an international reputation. (translation)


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