The Palestinian Museum, Birzeit

Will feature No Man’s Land in the international group exhibition
Intimate Terrains: Representations of a Disappearing Landscape

April 2 – December 31 2019

curated by Dr. Tina Sherwell


The exhibition will explore the themes of the land in relation to the above through a unique selection of works from Palestinian art practitioners working within Palestine and beyond. It will draw on historical works, with works from collections, as well as contemporary art. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication with an extended essay covering detailed exploration and contextualization of the artists’ works.


Sabella will give an artist talk titled Kan Yama Kan—The Palestinian Story at the museum on April 6 at 5:30 pm. 


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upcoming publications

Palestine – UNSETTLED
To be published in 2019


Palestine – UNSETTLED is a photo book using white pages like walls. Exhibited within its space are 100 images Steve Sabella took in Palestine during the Second Intifada (2000-2007), along with a number of critical essays.


As a native Jersulamite who lived under occupation for thirty-two years, Sabella sees the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians also as a conflict of the image. Israel holds the upper hand because of its greater resources of image formation, control, and circulation. In this sense, Sabella tries to liberate the image held hostage. It is with this mission that the journey of Palestine –UNSETTLED begins: we start in a theatre, as if Palestine’s conflicts were a staged drama. Yet there is an urgency to break the fourth wall—the imaginary barrier separating actors and audience. We are soon led out to a penetrating reality, ending on the besieged shores of Gaza and a kid taking his leap of faith into the sea. Along the way, the spectator experiences an unseen Palestine.


winner of a 2017 AFAC Visual Arts grant

The Artist’s Curse
To be published in 2019


The Artist’s Curse takes the form of a series of short reflections and pieces of advice, fragments that together form a well-rounded and dimensional text about the art world, written from the perspective of a practicing artist. Since September 2017, Sabella has published a new passage—or “curse”—online every day, and will do so for a year. The content of these short-form texts can range from revelatory notions of the artist’s life to revealing rogue practices of the art world. Each are titled separately, and can read like prose poems or compacted theses. Psalm-like, they invite a daily glance, a meditation, or a pragmatic choice.


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The Parachute Paradox (Arabic Translation)

Publication date to be determined


The Parachute Paradox, Steve Sabella’s award-winning memoir published in 2016 by Kerber Verlag, will be translated into Arabic by the Palestinian poet, novelist and critic Mohammed al-Asaad. The memoir picks up one of many frayed threads extending from al-Asaad’s dreamlike recounting of the Nakba, Children of the Dew: Sabella details his upbringing in Israeli-occupied Jerusalem, living in the Palestine whose disintegration al-Asaad only began to witness. Al-Asaad has published countless collections of poetry, essays, and literary criticism, and has translated into Arabic the works of Arthur Miller, Kenneth Yasuda, and Italo Calvino.


Children of the Dew

Publication date to be determined


Steve Sabella’s translation of Atfal al-Nada (Children of the Dew) will be the first major work of the Palestinian poet, novelist and critic Mohammed al-Asaad to enter the English language. Published initially by Riad El-Rayyes in 1990, and republished by Dar al Feel in 2013, Children of the Dew is a syncretic, polyphonous text: in recounting that fateful night of 1948 when Palestine became Israel, al-Asaad blends the surreal logic of a dream with local myth and geography. The book is prose, poetry and history all at once, and a singularly powerful text. 


The Great March of Return

Publication date to be determined


The Great March of Return is a collage including over one thousand photographs captured by five Palestinian journalists from Gaza of the crowds who have gathered every Friday since March 2018 to end the Israeli occupation. These images are contrasted with photos taken of outer space merging the hermetically sealed Strip with infinity, creating a monumental “present-day fresco” demonstrating a nation’s eternal fight for liberation. This book is filled with images that narrate the scenes of the artwork, without a single word.


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