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Steve Sabella - Selected Works 2006 – 2014
Exhibition and Book Launch

Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait
September 21 - October 21, 2014


Steve Sabella - Layers at CAP Kuwait
Layers Layers Layers Layers Layers
Layers Layers Layers Layers Layers
Layers presents a unique constellation of Steve Sabella’s work, not bound by chronology or an overarching concept. The intersecting themes and overlapping questions within Exit, Metamorphosis, 38 Days of Re-collection and Independence exist for the viewer to discover and imagine. This openness towards the understanding of his works represents the most recent chapter in the artist’s journey, one that I anticipate will continue to reveal new meaning.
Excerpt from the Layers catalogue foreword by Abed Al Kadiri
Since the contemporary art boom in the Middle East began in the early 2000s, some Arab artists complain they are being ghettoized and are not allowed to make art for art’s sake. There is an onus on them to be engaged politically and illuminate regional conflicts in their work. Sabella challenges officially accepted narratives that posit the occupation in Palestine as the marginalized experience of a people taking place ‘over there.’ His art series Exit (2006), Metamorphosis (2012), 38 Days of Re-collection (2014) and Independence (2014), included in his solo exhibition Layers at CAP Kuwait, reveal the centrality of the occupation to modern consciousness. His work also challenges the limitations of photography, a medium that screams of the here and now.
Excerpt from the Layers catalogue essay 'Beyond Palestine' by Malu Halasa