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After the Last Sky. Ballhaus Naunystrasse, Berlin, 2016.
Archaeology of the Future. Curated by Karin Adrian von Roques. International Center for Photography Scavi Scaligeri in Verona in collaboration with Boxart Gallery and Berloni Gallery. Maretti, 2014. Paperback, 96 pages. Language English and Italian. ISBN 978-88-98855-10-0.
Fragments. Berloni Gallery, London, 2014.
Les Rencontres Arles Photographie 2013 : Arles In Black. Jeanneney, Jean-Noël and Collectif. Actes Sud Editions, 2013. Hardcover, 559 pages. Language English and French. ISBN 2330019076. “Keep Your Eye on the Wall.” p. 498-499.
Junge Akademie Insights. Akademie der Künste. 2010: p. 80-81.
Palestine : La Création Dans Tous Ses États. Curated by Mona Khazindar and Djamila Chakour. Institut Du Monde Arabe, Paris, 2009.
Neighbours in Dialogue. Curated by Beral Madra. Istanbul Collection for Ars Aevi, Contemporary Art Museum, Sarajevo, 2007.
Preoccupying Zones: Young Artist of the Year Award. A. M. Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, 2004.
Hope and the Aesthetic Moment, Young Artist of the Year Award. Curated by Khaled Hourani. A. M. Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, 2002. “Diary of an Art Competition (Under Siege),” p. 25. “The Finalists: Steve Sabella,” p. 52-55.