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S t e v e    S A B E L L A      jan 2013 newsletter
ikono tv - Artist of the Month, Jan 2013

A visual journey into four art projects by Steve Sabella.
Three different episodes air daily.



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Steve Sabella's Ecdysis. The Catharsis of Metamorphosis
Dorothea Schoene
Contemporary Practices Art Journal


"It was inevitable that once the euphoria settled down, which is by nature ephemeral, my core had to be shaken again. The hard work is now. Metamorphosis is a process, a long one, and the reconstruction of the self, especially for people who come from conflict zones, should be done with core ingredients that have shaped their lives and perception."

The Artist's Child
Kamal Boullata
Between Exits - Paintings by Hani Zurob
Kamal Boullata
Gaston Bachelard wrote that "outside and inside form of a dialectic of division, the obvious geometry of which blinds us as soon as we bring it into play in metaphorical domains". Sabella's reconstructed fragmentations of the two sides of the same windows represents his metaphor's embodiment of 'home' and 'exile'. By allegorizing what Bachelard went on to call "the dialectics of here and there", Sabella gave a visual body to the "awareness of simultaneous dimensions" that Edward Said wrote in his description of the experience of the exiled.


Jerusalem in Exile and Kan Yama Kan Documentaries
Eyes Infinite Films
2006 productions are now free to view online.

jerusalem in exile

Jerusalem in Exile



kan yama kan

Kan Yama Kan



Thank You,
Lara Merrington
Assistant to Steve Sabella


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