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The Parachute Paradox
September 2016
Limited Edition of 1250 & 150 Artist Proofs
The Parachute Paradox offers narrative storytelling of the life of the Jerusalemite artist and his experiences under Israeli occupation and proposes a subject that is unprecedented in Palestinian literature: the liberation of the self and the homeland through the liberation of the imagination.

The Parachute Paradox tells the life story of artist Steve Sabella (*1975), who was born in Jerusalem’s Old City and raised under Israeli occupation. After living through both intifadas, being kidnapped in Gaza, and learning to navigate Palestinian and Israeli culture, he feels in exile at home.

For him, the occupation attaches each Palestinian to an Israeli, as if in a tandem jump. The Israeli is always in control, placing the Palestinian under threat in a never-ending hostage situation. He realizes he has two options: either surrender or unbuckle his harness.

Blurring fact and fiction, love and loss, the memoir traces one man’s arduous search for liberation from within, through a confrontation with his colonized imagination.

Fragments From Our Beautiful Future
    Steve Sabella & Rebecca Raue  
The Bumiller Collection, Berlin
May 18 - August 13, 2017
Curated by A. S. Bruckstein House of Taswir.
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Watch the exhibition teaser here

NPR - Life in Berlin: 'The Parachute Paradox' Part One and Two
By Lily Kelting
    Jan 5th, 2017  
Interview of Steve Sabella (English)
    Listen to part two  
    On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other Displacements.  

Ella Shohat

    The Univeristy of Chicago Press Books  
    On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other Displacements  
    "A rich intersectional past of Jerusalem, with its shared aesthetic of house and home by neighbors belonging to various religious and ethnic communities, is conjured up through Sabella’s fragments. Within a multi-chronotopic perspective, the series takes the viewer on an imaginary return to a disappeared time and place. But by actively joining fragments from different houses, the artwork remixes the old fragments into new neighboring aesthetic units. From the remains, new possibilities are composed. Perhaps only through such acts of vivid recollection of places/times, of “plurilog,” can a reimagined conviviality be pieced together anew."  
    Image on the cover is from 38 Days of Re-Collection. View Series  
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    Art and Yoga: A Path to the True Self  
    An Interview between the artist Steve Sabella and the yogi Anastasia Shevchenko  
    April 5, 2017  
    "What you call submission to the mysterious, I call journeying to the unknown. And in that process, one has to inhabit the moment, let go, and try to be in sync with the energy of life. Resistance to this keeps us in the pages of the past, locking us in time. A good way out is to come to terms with who we are and what we think we are, and only then can real change happen. That’s why I don’t believe in psychiatric medications, because they often mask people’s realities. They deal with side effects, rather than root causes. We are all born inheriting a “problematic” reality, and I see our quest as one of discovering new realities as we live."  
    Full interview  
    Palestinians Who Leave Their Mark  

This Week in Palestine

    April 2017  
    "Beyond a narrative of exile, Steve writes about the human connection transcending culture and nationality, and advocates for global citizenship. As Mahmoud Darwish wrote, “All the hearts of the people are my identity – so take away my passport!  
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